West Coast Survey


Beginning on Oct 7, 2014 Farrell Mongomery will be conducting a survey of the West coast for radiation, sea life, wind and water readings from Seattle to San Diego.

The actual NBR Survey will start Oct 1st.

It will consist of taking readings along I-94 between Fargo, ND to Seattle, WA,

then continue down the west coastline off Hwy-101 to San Diego, CA,

then continue along I-10 towards Austin, TX.

(If funds & weather hold up, the I-10 leg may be replaced by a swing through

AZ, NV, UT, CO, Carlsbad, NM, then on to Austin, TX.)

A video drone may be used to take readings at non-accessible beaches (if

winds are below 20mph, low tide, & no rain).

(The Washington & Oregon coasts have many beaches that are difficult).

A digital Geiger Counter will be placed on low-tide sand for 1 minute per reading.

Other factors will be considered, such as fresh water nearby, tide pools, etc…

Any accessible beached debris will also be checked & photographed.

Measures will be taken to avoid sand from destroying the video drone’s motors.

Photos will be GPS-time-stamped for more accurate documentation..
The Geiger counter being used.



The Geiger delivery platform.



Posting of video interviews with fishermen & coastal residents is also planned.

The video interviews will be initially posted to:



Hope to see you in Austin, Friday night, Nov 7th.

Any insights, questions, or suggestions, do call:

Farrell Montgomery


P.S.: This trip hurts, it’s just me, so donations will be greatly appreciated.

Also, if someone wishes to join/volunteer that has photo/AV & Web

Streaming skills, also call.

(Final survey results will be made public Nov 15, 2014)

george butler
512 761-2077