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Katrine Volynsky – BSc, BCom Finance, SCNA

Speaker at Fukushima I & II - Founder of the Institute of Advanced Natural Health Sciences

Katrine Volynsky is an author, sports nutritionist, wellness coach and heavy metals detoxification specialist and traditional naturapath who helps individuals achieve their health goals through a combination of state-of-the-art technology, nutrition and holistic healing. After being negatively affected by radiation fallout from Chernobyl, she had to find her own path to health and gained a wide knowledge of natural methods for detoxifying rebuilding the body. She co-founded Institute of Advanced Natural Health Sciences with Wade Lightheart which provides education and support for both clients and health professionals. She is the author of several books: Marvelous Metabolic Meals: Raw Foods for Sports and Muscle Building ,  Staying Alive in A Toxic World, Apple Pectin: Effective Solution For Heavy Metals and Radiation Pollution. She lectures extensively in Asia and US on the topic of detox and radiation protection and is featured as a radiation expert on radio and TV.