Farrell Montgomery
Speaker at Fukushima II
Raised in Oregon’s Cascade Mountains Farrell Loves the physical sciences, electronics, computers, signal processing. Served in the USAF for 15 years as an AWACS Radar Technician.
While serving, witnessed some things that turned him into a Conscientious Objector.
He started on a TruthQuest in Feb 1995, which has evolved into today’s Truth-Education campaign.
 Today his priorities are:
- Saving the north pacific ocean from permanent loss by the Fukushima accident, & speed it’s recovery.
- Reversing the early phases of the already started Mideast/Global Nuclear War.
- Inoculate Humanity from the crazies running society.
- Remove Wall Street’s drug-money control of economies world-wide.
- Build the physical infrastructure for the USA to thrive for 150+ more years.