Akira Tokuhiro

Speaker at Fukushima I – kira Tokuhiro is Professor of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering at the University of Idaho and Director of the Nuclear Engineering Program. Dr. Tokuhiro has a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering (Purdue), MS in Mechanical Engineering (U. Rochester), B.S.E. in Engineering-Physics (Purdue) and 10 years of international experience in advanced reactor R&D in Switzerland and Japan, as well as research experience at U.S. National labs and Institutes. He was previously on the Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering faculty at Kansas State University and University of Missouri-Rolla. He was also Director of the UMR Reactor and Senior Reactor Operator. His interests are wide and diverse. Under the Honorable Dr. Dale Klein and Dr. Michael Corradini, he served on the American Nuclear Society President’s Committee on the Fukushima Accident. He has personally visited the regionally devastated areas in Fukushima, visited the remediation sites, as well as the plant itself. Most recently he has teamed up with Gabriella Valsecchi to revitalize the Hosokawa horse ranch, a ranch with a 100-year history of providing horses to a nationally famous Nama-oi ‘samurai’ horse festival. He feels for the plight of the people and the sustenance they have lost.