Light a Little Candle


This song will close the conference and is a song of hope!

“Light a Little Candle”


We are doing a reach out by making available to Children’s Choirs through-out the world this song of hope. We hope that as many children’s choirs through-out the world will participate with us in Activity One or Activity Two or both of the activities and goals!

1. First – request a copy of this song’s sheet music by e-mailing us using the contact form below.

2. Activity One – rehearse and product a video of your choir singing this song and send the video file to us, please do not publish it anywhere else. We will place it up on the Fukushima Solutions World Conference II – web site

3. Activity Two – if possible we would like your children’s choir to sing the song “Light a Little Candle” – together world-wide with us on Nov. 15-16, 2014 at 18:15 pm CST US