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 George Butler was born in Austin, Texas and still resides in the area. He spent three years in the Army Security Agency stationed in West Germany during the Vietnam war era. His last post was in West Berlin where he observed and witnessed the vulgarities and cruelties of the Berlin Wall. Today he speaks out about preserving our rights. His musical drama performed six times in 2007 “GIVE THEM A CHANCE”  speaks about giving our children a chance but also vehemently reflects present struggles and echoes warnings from the past that must not be ignored— his accomplishments range from writing musicals, short stories, songs, to positing a new space-time view “Time Dynamism”




David Barrow Productions has been serving the Austin and Central Texas area since 1988 with a variety of audio and visual production services, including live and studio engineering, sound system rentals, audio equipment rentals, remote digital recording of live events and audio consulting. We also offer web and graphic design services.

David Barrow Productions was started by David Barrow in 1988 for the purpose of providing live sound reinforcement for a popular local cover band, The Bizness. Since then David has steadily expanded both the equipment inventory and scope of the business to include a whole range of services supporting local bands, live musical and multimedia performances, clubs, area festivals, seminars, sports events, church events, etc.

In the last few years David Barrow Productions has expanded into the areas of web design, graphics design, digital photography and video. Any new technologies and techniques that can enhance or add to the services we offer are continuously being explored.

David Barrow has over 30 years of audio engineering experience and is also affiliated with numerous local audio and media professionals that are frequently tapped for their individual talents as well as for inclusion in teams assembled for specific events and projects. David Barrow Productions can supply just the right personnel and equipment to meet the requirements of your specific needs.

David Barrow Productions



Raised in Oregon’s Cascade Mountains Farrell Loves the physical sciences, electronics, computers, signal processing. Served in the USAF for 15 years as an AWACS Radar Technician.
While serving, witnessed some things that turned him into a Conscientious Objector.
He started on a TruthQuest in Feb 1995, which has evolved into today’s Truth-Education campaign.
Today his priorities are:
- Saving the north pacific ocean from permanent loss by the Fukushima accident, & speed it’s recovery.
- Reversing the early phases of the already started Mideast/Global Nuclear War.
- Inoculate Humanity from the crazies running society.
- Remove Wall Street’s drug-money control of economies world-wide.
- Build the physical infrastructure for the USA to thrive for 150+ more years.
Farrell will be conducting a radiation, sea life, wind and water survey of the West coast from Seattle to San Diego beginning on Oct. 7, 2014. He will be departing Seattle on Oct. 7, 2014 and should be arriving in San Diego about on or before the end of the month.